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The solar power industry has conquered several milestones in just the last few years.  The industry has come a long way, driven by increased interest, investments and research funding. We are on a path of revolutionising solar power generation, which can lead to solar energies powering every household in the coming decades. Solar industry is a fast moving one and solar power development requires to be in line with constant updation of technologies.

The latest breakthroughs in solar technology include longer lasting solar cells, printable solar cells, solar panels capable of tracking the sun from east to west as the day progresses and even solar power plants that work at night. However, the most remarkable development has to be increase in solar cell efficiency. Solar system technologies have now achieved conversion from solar energy to electric current, at a rate of 31.65%, up from 24.4% previously.

The following are the latest advancements of solar power:

  1. Night time solar plant – A solar farm located in California’s Mojave desert consists of a field of polar panels connected to a battery system which stores electricity from the solar farm during the day and then generates solar power at night.
  2. Perovskite solar cells – Cells made from perovskite crystals are at least 20% more efficient than solar cells made from silicone and hence are quickly gaining attraction.
  3. Sun tracking solar cells – These track the sun frame art to west throughout the day and capture approximately 40% more of the solar energy than a solar panel would.
  4. Printable solar cells – These measure only around half a millimetre thick, are printed on plastics and are flexible enough to be rolled up. Surprisingly, they can also withstand being submerged in water or even run over by a car without being damaged. These enable solar power to be generated everywhere, even in places where solar panels currently cannot go.
  5. Solar shingles – These are roof tiles containing solar panels. They worm their way through the building’s electrical system and hence, rid the need of solar panels on the roof. They are compact and less intrusive to the eye
  6. Solar windows – These are solar cells which act as transparent glass. These are still in the research stage but industry specialists are confident in them as they are capable of using all types of light – not just visible light – to generate electricity.

Solar energy is becoming more affordable by the day, as plants are being built by the week. Given the recent advancements in this industry, it is safe to say that solar energy is bound to become an integral part of our day to day life moving forward. More technologies are currently under research. From bio solar cells to floating solar farms to energy harvesting trees, the future looks quite lit up with renewable energy.

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