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We Work To Save Our Planet

Life at Soshe Power

Re-shaping the world with excellence and innovation

Modern and Ecological Technology

A combination of advanced designing tools and most modern technology allows us to deliver the projects in a timely and efficient manner. We are an ecological and sustainable unit on the path of creating more solar power success stories.

Team of Experts

We boast of having a team of superior engineers, consultants and technicians. We work with outstanding performers who go out of their way to ensure reliability and success of the project. Hence, we are committed to excellence.

Simplified Processes

We are a young enterprise and believe in simplified yet elegant processes. A culmination of world class technicians and engineers helps us to bring life into your project with the most sophisticated design and effective technology.

Round the Clock Support

We provide you with round the clock support services to ensure smooth functioning of you project. So, all your needs are met timely. Our principles and actions have built an unwavering trust amongst the stakeholders and partners.

Why choose Soshe Power?

At Soshe Power Tech India Pvt. Ltd. we believe in excellence through innovation and scientific development. We practice patience and tolerance with all our projects, clients and employees and vow to be open to new strategies. The thoughts and ideas of our leaders, members of the staff and technicians is given as much importance as the needs and goals of our clients. Cultivating a culture of trust and transparency is our motto and we pride ourselves in being an organisation which focuses on holistic development through collaborations. 

We strive towards timely delivery of our projects while still having fun and introducing a learning curve in all our processes. At Soshe Power we believe in moving ahead the right way and hence focus on gathering feedback, evaluating situations and improving on a day to day basis. Our values and ethics guide and motivate us towards building long term and strategic partnerships and relationships with all our stakeholders alike. Hence, our leadership makes it a point to go out of their way, take initiative and help our technicians build each project from the ground up. 

Working tirelessly towards reshaping the world requires excessive mental and physical capabilities and we highly appreciate all of our staff on board. Hence, with an attitude of ‘work hard, play hard’, celebrations and festivities find their way towards Soshe Power in full swing. Our HR department and practices not only take care of our leaders but all our employees. We strongly uphold our values and everyone at Soshe Power is an extension of what we strive for. 


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