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Operation and Maintenance

operation and maintenance

We at Soshe Power India Pvt. Ltd. work tirelessly to ensure that our projects are of international standards. And since it requires a lot of physical and financial planning, it is understandable that only a project with extended life span is capable of being working to an international level. 

Hence, SPTIPL’s Operations and Maintenance team takes care of all your needs. From financial and physical asset management solutions to ongoing and scheduled operational maintenance and repairs, we provide complete solutions for all solar panels across India. Our services are designed with the intention of maximising the lifetime value of your solar plants. 

In line with holding an experience of over 15 years in the solar power industry, our leaders and members of the staff ensure to monitor and manage every one of your solar power assets in order to minimise downtime and maximise energy production, revenues and hence profitability.  A dedicated team in proactively involved in taking preventative and corrective maintenance measures on all our sites. They generate and share monthly reports and analysis, while also providing guidance to the clients to help them run their operations at top performance. 

Our team uses only the most latest technology and softwares for data retrieval, management and analysis. Hence, we at Soshe Power are confident in our team’s capabilities when we offer a performance guarantee to each client. When one chooses us, they choose an experienced and professional team of individuals who are enjoy the support of the most trusted solar power company in India.