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Open acesss project

If you are a corporate with high demand for electricity and are looking to reduce your bills, then open access model is your go to solution. This models is for those industrial organisations who want direct electricity from a generator but at a price that fits into their budget. The client then pays for the electricity supplied to it under a long term Power Purchase Agreement i.e PPA.

Under various prevailing state and national regulations as decided by various governments, industries and power consumers who are consuming a load of over 1MW, they can buy power from sources other than the state distribution utility. That is where Soshe Power comes into play. We expertise in offering electricity to these consumers under PPAs via open access models. We are professionals in the field of solar power development, open access models and EPC services. Our team of world class technicians and engineers looks after offering customised solutions and implementation of solar power projects right from the idea conceptualisation stage to execution and operations. 

How it works?

A long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is signed between the client i.e the power consumer and the solar plant project owned by Soshe Power. 

The project is then financed, constructed and operated by Soshe Power. Only in the captive model and under required regulations, the power consumer is also required to invest. The power then generated is sold off to the client under an open access route which is paid for the client at a tariff pre-determined in the PPA. With the help of superior technology and monitoring systems, Soshe Power is able to analyse and ensure efficient electricity generation. The power consumer, our client, only pays for the number of units that they consume, hence saving big time on electric bills from day 1 of operations. 

Why choose open access model with Soshe Power?

  • Power your organisation with sustainable sources and reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Work with a team holding over 15 years of experience in solar power industry to drastically reduce your electric bills and increase your savings. 
  • With proven expertise in commissioning successful solar power projects all over the nation, with Soshe Power you can be sure of smooth operations and maintenance. 
  • Door step delivery of documentation, legal contracts and approvals required for PPAa and open access transactions. 
  • Provision of monthly billing and settlements with details