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33kv Substation

33kv substation

A 33kV substation is usually used for voltage regulation and distribution over multiple feeders. A load tap changer which operates from taps on the 33kV side of the transformer is used for voltage regulation. Essentially, 33kV transformers step down the voltage to a safe level which is further distributed via 11kV feeders to different colonies, businesses or individual homes. 

Many people question as to why the voltage is as high as 33kV in the first place. It is so because the higher the transmission voltage, the lower the transmission losses will be. And hence, if power needs to the transferred to longer distances, a higher level of voltage is used to reduce the transmission losses. Once it reaches its destination, the voltage is then stepped down for residential and commercial use. 

Therefore, the 33kV lines are used to distribute power from one sub-station to another. At Soshe Power Tech we deal with a range of high voltage operations that require an experienced team for handling. Our team of engineers have years of expertise working with services such as cable jointing, transformer testing, fault finding, maintenance, installation, and repairs carried out on a daily basis. Our team specialises in high voltage electrical distribution systems and deal with such high voltages on a national and global scale.