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Solar Pumps and Street Light Solutions

A huge part of India is still rural and involved in the agriculture sector. Since electricity is reaching these small areas at a rather slow pace, solar powered pumps and street light solutions can turn out to be big boon for these small farmers and thus the nation. It is also important to note that these solar powered solutions can be used just as effectively in urban India, for solar street lights can be a great cost effective solution for residential streets, parking lots, roadways and highways; while pumps can be efficiently used in households as alternatives to electric powered pumps.

India’s agriculture sector is heavily dependent on monsoons for natural irrigation and pumps for artificial irrigation. Since farmers rely majorly on grid electricity, it leads to delays and increased economic stress. Thus, solar pumps irrigation system can help solve this problem by offering a reliable supply of water to these farmer’s fields. 

Similarly for street lights, solar powered solutions can help save thousands on electricity and achieve self sufficiency and sustainability. Additionally, solar lighting is economically viable and logical in applications where the cost of providing grid electricity is expensive and problematic, like in certain parts of rural India. 

SPTIPL excels in provision of solar powered pumps and street light solutions. We offer both AC and DC range of solar water pumps in both surface and submersible categories. These pumps help reduce farmers and household’s dependency on expensive fuels and grid electricity while significantly bringing down repair costs. Soshe Power Tech’s street light systems are also ideal for all situations as they are completely self contained, making them ideal choice where utility power is unreliable or uneconomical. We provide full outdoor lighting systems with various lights, bulkheads, solar charge controllers, batteries and poles.