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Corporate Social Responsibilty

Corporate Social Responsibility is now a principal part of operations for most of the businesses in India. CSR is a management concept whereby companies make it a point to align their business goals with sustainability and a concern for the environment. Their interactions with the various parts of environment is now as important as their stockholder meetings.

Companies are increasingly moving towards building carbon neutral businesses and then takin another step towards rehabilitation of the environment. It is an approach which aims to achieve balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives, keeping in mind the expectations of the stakeholders. 

 The Government of India has been working tirelessly to seep the CSR culture into the very principles of corporates, and the economy has no doubt come a long way in establishing global social and environmental standards without compromising competitiveness of the market. 

A properly implemented CSR initiative can give with it many advantages for the business as whole, such as: enhanced access to capital and markets, increased sales and profits, operational cost saving, improved productivity and quality, improved brand image and reputation, enhanced consumer loyalty and even efficient human resource base.

We at SPTIPL respect the environment and hence take various initiatives on our part. We aim to not only reduce emissions from our operations, be considerate while construction but also work towards restoration of the environment. Our projects are 100% aligned with the CSR goals of the company and the nation. The management at SPTIPL designs and implements the projects as per the needs of the client business’ goals and the needs of the society as well.  

Market leader and holder of several certifications and awards, SPITPL is rigorously outperforming its competitors in matters of economic, social and environmental factors. The management of SPITPL is well equipped with the skills and experience needed to establish different formats of solar power projects in the country and across the globe. Hence, our team here is a proud holder of clients’ trust who choose to fulfil their ambitions and aspirations with us. 

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