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Clean energy can be obtained from a variety of sources which, when put together, could create solutions for all of our energy needs. Sunlight is the most abundant and freely available energy resource on the planet, in fact the amount of solar energy that reaches the Earth in one hour is enough to meet the total energy requirements for the planet for an entire year. 

Of course, solar power is limited by the time of day, the seasons of the year and geographical location. Despite this, solar energy is being used on both a  large and a domestic level already. More and more people are recognising the environmental, societal and economic benefits of clean energy and, as more cities, states and nations sign up to a green power agenda, this will continue to advance.

 Clean energy looks bright, with recent years showing that more renewable energy capacity has been installed globally than new fossil fuel and nuclear capacity combined. Renewable sources now make up over one-third of globally installed power capacity. As an example of this growth, Wednesday 10 June 2020 marked two months of the UK being powered purely by renewable energy for the first time ever.

We at, Soshe Power Tech India Private Limited provide our clients with world class solar power structures to help them gain a competitive edge in energy generation. We make sure that we stay one step a head in all our services.