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Jakarta Solar Farms

Help protect the environment by powering your home with 100% renewable energy.

About The Project

Solar farm solutions across india to commercial and industrial power consumer with zero or minimum investment at a discount to grid electricity tarrif. We also offer “captive” solutions for those who prefer to own the solar parks bythemselves.

We are offering corporates and industries uninterrupted access to solar power .from our network of private solar farms aross India at Zero upfront capital investment.Corporate can now source solar power for their entire power requirement.

Detail Project

Live Green, Love Green, Think Green.

It’s hight time to enhance the use of renewable energy

Renewable power is booming, as innovation brings down costs and starts to deliver on the promise of a clean energy future. American solar and wind generation are breaking records and being integrated into the national electricity grid without compromising reliability. Renewables are increasing displacing “dirty” fossil fuels in the power sector ,offering the benifit of lower emissions of carbon and other type of pollution.


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