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Quality Manual, Quality Policy & Objectives addresses to ISO 9001: 2008 requirements in relation to SOSHE POWER TECH business operations.

Quality documents such as Quality System Procedures & Work Instructions including Design Guides, Design Basis, Formats, Check Lists etc. required by the organization to perform its
various activities and to ensure effective planning, operation and control of its processes.

Records required for demonstrating the conformity to effective operation of the established
Quality Management System. These are listed in List of Records and maintained by SOSHE POWER TECH and controlled in accordance with Quality System Procedure for Control of Records.

Top management demonstrates leadership, commitment and the active involvement for developing and maintaining an effective and efficient Quality Management System by following activities:
1. Establishing the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives consistent with purpose of the organization to increase awareness, motivation & involvement of people in the organization.
2. Communicating organizational direction regarding quality & Quality Management System.
3. Participating in improvement projects,searching for new methods,solutions and products.
4. Obtaining feedback on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System.
5. Communicating to the organization the importance of meeting customer as well as statutory & regulatory requirements.
6. Creating an environment that encourages the involvement & development of people.
7. Conducting management reviews.
8. Provision of the structure & resources that are necessary to support the organization’s strategic plans.

In its effort to enhance customer satisfaction, the SOSHE POWER TECH Top Management demonstrates its commitment to customer by:
1. Understanding current and future customer needs and expectations,in
addition to the requirements.
2. Translate identified needs and expectations into requirements.
3. Communicating the requirement throughout the organization, and
4. Focus on process improvement to ensure value forthe customers and end users.

The Management of the company has defined the Quality Policy ensuring that the policy:
1. Is appropriate to the purpose and organizational goals of the company,
2. Includes a commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management system,
3. Provides a framework for establishing and reviewingobjectives,
4 Is communicated to all employees of the company and is understood atall
levels in the company,
5 Is periodically reviewed for continuing suitability

We have best in class facilities for accelerated work execution & ease of
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