Soshe Power



Renewable energy provides a real opportunity for businesses to drive down overhead costs, leading to greater energy efficiency and increased profits. As well as saving money, it also allows you to make a positive impact on the environment by generating clean, green electricity. With the environment featuring prominently in the news, taking your corporate responsibility seriously allows you to show customers, employees and competitors that you are a compassionate organisation.Installing solar panels commercially will require planning permission. 

Our fully trained and MCS accredited team can guide you through the process, and they’ll be happy to liaise with the authorities and your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) on your behalf to save you time. Clean Energy Associates’ end-to-end comprehensive support from project ideation to post-installation helps optimize performance and profitability while reducing risk at every stage. We will start by examining the 6 main sources of clean energy. 

Out of all energy resources, we consider green power (solar, wind, biomass and geothermal) as the cleanest form of energy. And hence, SPTIPL specializes in all models of solar power generation and distribution. Reach us out to help you conduct a through analysis of your project needs and requirenments.